Mike Pence is taken away by security officers during the assault (Senate Television via AP)

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February 11, 2021: Prosecution in Donald Trump's impeachment trial has unveiled a dramatic new video showing the crowd of rioters breaking into the Capitol, breaking down windows and doors, and threateningly searching for Vice President

Mike Pence

and House

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

as the overwhelmed police asked for help over the radio.

In the unedited tapes, House prosecutors showed how close the rioters were to the country's leaders, chanting 'Hang Mike Pence' across the halls, some with combat gear. Outside, the crowd had set up a makeshift gallows.

In a dramatic moment, the video shows police shooting the crowd through a broken window, killing Ashli ​​Babbitt. The vice president, who had presided over a session to certify Joe Biden's victory over Trump, thus earning the latter's attacks, is rescued from the office where he took refuge with his family, a short distance from the rioters. Pelosi was evacuated from the complex while her staff hid in her offices.

Republican Senator

Mitt Romney is

also targeted by the rioters

. He was rescued by Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman, who warned him that supporters of the president were heading towards him, thus allowing him to escape, as seen in an unreleased video shown by the prosecution in the impeachment trial. against Trump. Romney told reporters it was the first time he had seen these images and he didn't realize how close the danger was. "I can't wait to thank him," he added. 

"On January 6 Donald Trump did not condemn 'even once the attack on Congress and the rioters, the only person they condemned' was his Vice President Mike Pence, who was hiding with his family on Capitol Hill fearing for his life. after the president accused him of not having the courage to change the election results ": the deputy dem David Cicilline thus began one of the last speeches of the second hearing of the impeachment trial against Trump, reconstructing what he did, or better he did not, in the White House after the attack. His first tweet, in full siege, was posting the rally with which he had incited the crowd to attack the Capitol, Cicilline pointed out. The deputy then recalled that Trump was "happy", "excited" by what was happening and did not listen to the advisers, collaborators and family members, from daughter Ivanka to son-in-law Jared Kushner, who begged him to intervene to stop the attack. .