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Asked about the resignation of the director of Sciences Po Paris, following the Olivier Duhamel affair, Wednesday in the program 

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on France 5, Sandrine Rousseau explained that the former president of the national foundation of political science and Gérald Darmanin had voted against his candidacy for the presidency of Sciences Po Lille.

The vice-president of the University of Lille, and candidate for the primary of Europe Ecologie Les Verts for the 2022 presidential election, is one of the spokespersons in the fight against sexual violence.

In 2017, Sandrine Rousseau accused Denis Baupin of sexual assault. 

The two men opposed to his candidacy

The former spokesperson for the Greens was invited on the set of the show to react to the resignation of the director of Sciences Po Paris, Frédéric Mion.

In the wake of the Duhamel affair, the prestigious school is suspected of having covered facts of sexual assault and rape.

The former director has also admitted to being aware of the alleged actions of Olivier Duhamel for almost two years.

In 2019, Sandrine Rousseau applied to take over the management of Sciences Po Lille.

“People who are now accused of sexual violence have blocked my way.

This is the case of Olivier Duhamel and Gérald Darmanin for example, ”also accused of rape, she declared, explaining that she obtained the vote of the students but not that of the board of directors.

#SciencePo: the consequences of the Denis Baupin affair on the career of @SandRousseau.

💬 “When we denounce sexual violence, we come up against people who master the relations of domination extremely well!

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- C to you (@ cavousf5) February 10, 2021

At the time, Olivier Duhamel sat there as president of the National Foundation of Political Science, and Gérald Darmanin, as an “external personality” and former student.

“Olivier Duhamel, who never took part in any vote on the directions of Sciences Po, voted against for the first time.

No doubt on the grounds that the personality and the struggles that I embodied had no place at Sciences Po, ”she added.

During his campaign for the presidency of Sciences Po, “a lot of cases of sexual violence” had come to his ears.

“Students, especially female students, complained that they were mismanaged,” she said, as many students denounce rape and sexual assault in their schools.


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