British health official: The "Kent" strain of Corona will invade the world

People arrive at a Corona virus vaccination center in London.


The director of the Genome Studies Complex concerned with the "Covid-19" disease in Britain, Sharon Peacock, said that the Corona virus strain, which was discovered for the first time in the British province of Kent, will likely spread around the world, adding that the fight against the virus will continue for at least 10 years. .

Peacock told the BBC that the Kent strain "has invaded the country and is likely to sweep the world."

She added: "When we defeat the virus or it mutates by itself and becomes non-malignant, we can stop worrying about it, but looking to the future I think we will continue this for years. We will continue this for the next 10 years in my opinion."

And Britain has monitored, over recent months, the emergence of a strain of the virus known as "B-117", and studies have shown that this strain is more contagious than the original virus by about 70%.

In South Africa, a strain known as "B.1.351" appeared, along with another strain of concern in Brazil.

In the United States, the authorities also spoke of the emergence of new strains, amid warnings of a widespread spread.

In Britain, the total number of confirmed cases of the new Corona virus reached four million, as of yesterday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News.

The data showed that the total number of deaths in the United Kingdom, as a result of the "Covid-19" disease caused by the virus, reached 115,68.

Britain: HIV infections reach four million, and deaths 115,68.

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