Erfurt (dpa / th) - The Thuringian long-distance water supply warns against stepping on ice sheets on the dams.

«The water is partly in motion under the ice.

This can cause the ice cover to break up and reclose, ”said a spokeswoman for the long-distance water supply on Wednesday.

As a result, the ice cover can also be thinner in some places than in others.

The Thuringian long-distance water supply, based in Erfurt, manages more than 120 dams in the Free State - drinking water is also taken from five of them.

According to the spokeswoman, the ice sheets at the dams are currently closed due to the low temperatures.

The drinking water supply is not affected by this.

The larger facilities are protected by ice-free systems.

In addition, it is extremely unlikely that the dams, which are up to 60 meters deep, will freeze to the bottom.

"This means that drinking water can be withdrawn at any time," said the spokeswoman.

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