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I insist on turning the sock over.

Convert abnormality into normality, exceptionality into generality.

We can do an electoral campaign, in need of oxygen in the form of votes from the Catalans, charging against the State.

Without brake, despite having five seats in the Council of Ministers.

Ignoring the criticisms and qualifications of his partner, the PSOE, although it is true that without reaching the socialists to star in an express destitution.

The purple ones direct the focus to two issues that permeate Catalonia: the democratic health of Spain and the Crown, this time with the complicity of TVE, which reported on the schooling of Princess Leonor in Wales with this label: «Leonor is going from Spain, like his grandfather ».

The PSOE accuses Iglesias of campaigning with these issues, while trying to justify his position precisely because he is in the electoral period.

Podemos turns a deaf ear to the nuances and the malaise that presides over the socialist sector of the Government.

Far from slowing down, they step on the accelerator, coinciding with the final stretch of the Catalan campaign.

They argue that "normality" is saying "the bloody truth."

"I believe the entire Government is in agreement with the words of Iglesias", was the closing of ranks yesterday by Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labor on the statements of his colleague - "In Spain there is no situation of full democratic normality" -.

We can draw up the strategy of uniting the entire Executive in the position of Iglesias.

They justify it in that if it were not like that, Justice would not have precipitated its announcement of reform of the Penal Code to protect freedom of expression.

An issue on which Podemos registered a bill in Congress.

«Spain is an imperfect democracy.

If it were full, the emeritus would be in jail and Pablo Hasel would be released, "said the candidate of Podemos in Catalonia, Jéssica Albiach.

«For United We Can, with an anti-system origin, it is not easy.

That is why sometimes it seems that they are in opposition to the Government.

This is how Minister José Luis Ábalos defined yesterday the role of his coalition partner.

The head of Transport and Housing conceded that there is no "closed, complete or perfect democracy", but he threw a dart at Iglesias: he is convinced that the second vice president does not believe that we do not live in a democratic state, because if not, "I could not be in that government."

In that constant pulse to the institutions of the State, the announcement that Princess Leonor will study the Baccalaureate in a center of Wales provided fuel for the Podemos strategy.

First, because the choice of the center and the cost of the two courses that the heiress will take -76,500 euros in total- allowed her to raise her speech on privileges and inequality.

«They have chosen a modest and cheap school: 76,500 a year.

6,375 per month.

Almost 6 times the SMI.

It is another of the things that our 'democratic normality' includes, "said Pablo Echenique, parliamentary spokesman, who made the error - not corrected - of pointing out that the cost was per course and not in total.

Simply to establish a comparison, the deputies have an annual base salary that ranges between 55,803 euros or 70,143.36 euros, depending on whether they are from Madrid or from another district.

«Better that Leonor is abroad studying than fleeing due to corruption like her grandfather.

In a republic today we would discuss school segregation and not luxury schools in Wales ”, said Albiach, immersed in the campaign.

His reference to Leonor's grandfather, Don Juan Carlos, was directly linked to the label that appeared on TVE, in the program La hora de La 1, in which he reported on the decision of the Kings that Princess Leonor study High School in Wales with the inscription "Eleanor is leaving Spain, like her grandfather."

The opposition parties censored this label, underlining the "drift", the "shame" or the "miserable" of the phrase that appeared on the screen.

From the PP, even, the cessation of Enric Hernández, director of Information and News, was demanded.

Rosa María Mateo, sole administrator of RTVE, will not stop him, but the seriousness of what happened in the public sector forced her to admit the "grave error and irresponsibility" and to relieve "those responsible for this mistake."

Mateo wanted to show "RTVE's unwavering commitment to the defense of constitutional values ​​and the institutions of the State and, above all, the Crown."

Mateo's decision further inflamed Podemos, which will ask the head of RTVE if it received a call from Zarzuela and will register a Non-Law Proposition urging the chain to reinstate the "retaliated" workers.

They speak in Podemos of "abuse of power" and slide that the dismissal could be due to pressure from the Royal House.

The sources consulted admit that the label caused discomfort and stupor in Zarzuela, but they deny any call to RTVE.

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