China News Service, February 10th. According to the Times of India, as of the 9th, the death toll caused by the glacier rupture in Uttarakhand in northern India has risen to 32, with 174 still missing.

At the same time, rescuers are intensively rescuing workers trapped in a tunnel, fearing that their hypothermia will cause danger.

  According to reports, there may be more than 34 workers trapped in a tunnel about 1.6 kilometers long.

  Experts believe that the temperature in the tunnel will be much colder than outside.

Police in Uttarakhand in northern India stated on February 9 that the death toll from the local glacier rupture rose to 32.

  A police spokesman said that the rescue team worked non-stop throughout the day to rescue trapped workers.

"At present we are most concerned about the hypothermia of workers, which may be fatal in this case."

  According to reports, two light vehicles were also trapped in the tunnel, where workers could take refuge.

  The police also said that as the rescue team tried to clean up the mud, more and more mud and water poured in, making the rescue process difficult and slow.

  According to previous reports, a glacier ruptured in the Jamoli region of Uttarakhand, India on the morning of the 7th. The ruptured glacier fell into the Tauliganga River, causing the river to burst and trigger flooding.

The flood destroyed two hydropower stations and some houses on the banks of the river. About 150 workers and some local villagers who were constructing the hydropower stations were missing, and traffic in more than 10 villages was interrupted.