The arrival of virus detectives in China was delayed, leading to criticism of China from WHO leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu.

On January 14, the research group consisting of 13 people arrived in China and they were allowed to begin their stay in the country with a two-week quarantine.

The research team has since visited several places, including the marketplace where people first began to fall ill with what we would later call covid-19, in December 2019. Last Wednesday, they visited Wuhan's Virology Institute, the lab pointed out by Donald Trump as the leak. to the virus.

"Sincere discussions"

Danish researcher Peter Ben Embarek leads the group and told the AFP news agency last week that they had "very sincere" discussions with Chinese researchers about the origin of the virus - including the controversial theories surrounding the Wuhan lab.

The press conference that concludes the researchers' time in China will be held at a hotel in Wuhan at 08.30 Swedish time.

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Hear Professor Johan von Schreeb explain why it is so important to know when the coronavirus went from animal to human.

Photo: AP / AFP