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09 February 2021 The integration of the anti-covid vaccine plan proposed by the Ministry of Health presents "some critical issues" and is "difficult to apply at this stage due to the lack of vaccine doses available and the indeterminacy of some indications". 

This is the position of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, which in a document makes a series of findings with respect to the targets to be vaccinated, suggests the possibility of using AstraZeneca even for those over 55 without pathologies and to verify the availability on the market of further vaccines.

In particular, writes the Conference of Regions, "it is necessary to clarify more specifically which are the priority targets to be vaccinated with the vaccine doses available and with reference to category 6 (vaccines for subjects between 18 and 54 years), as well as what means essential services ". 

Furthermore, the Conference "deems it appropriate to focus on the indications necessary to immediately allow the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, starting with the teaching and non-teaching school and university staff, and deferring any other consideration to further study to be conducted at a technical level".

Finally, the Conference "deems it necessary to initiate an interview with Aifa to evaluate the possibility of extending the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine also to the population over 55 in the absence of major diseases, as well as the verification of additional vaccines available on the market". 

Bonaccini: tomorrow I will ask Draghi two urgent questions

"Tomorrow I will be with the President of Upi De Pascale and the President of Anci Decaro by President Draghi who had the sensitivity - and was not required to do so - to call the representatives of local authorities to a confrontation before the start, I hope soon, of his government ", announced the president of the Conference of the Regions, Stefano Bonaccini, in his speech at the shareholders' meeting of Legacoop Estense. 

"Tomorrow morning - explained Bonaccini - I will take care of asking two very urgent questions: on the one hand the theme of the fight against the pandemic and the vaccination plan, which is the real tool we have to defeat this tragedy; on the other, how to deal with the Recovery plan before he is sent to Rome in the coming weeks and on which, it must be said, there was too little confrontation with the previous government. I hope that the government will be born - he continued - since it was not possible to give life to the Count ter how could it be rightly desirable ". 

"Today I believe that President Mattarella has granted Italy an opportunity with one of the most respected national personalities in Europe and in the world, for a government that tries to tackle some priority issues for the country and which must be addressed immediately because those who asked and he has asked for elections in recent weeks and has done so for partisan interest and certainly not for the country's interest ".

Those who represent the business world need "a government that takes decisions for the immediate challenges we face, rather than yet another, endless electoral campaign".