China News Service, February 9th. According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "Guidelines for Promoting Auto Consumption in the Commercial Field", suggesting that no new auto purchase restrictions will be issued in various regions; the promotion of new energy auto consumption; and the complete abolition of second-hand car limits Relocation policy and other requirements.

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Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun

  The Ministry of Commerce stated that optimizing the automobile purchase restriction policy, where the automobile purchase restriction has been implemented, should coordinate the mass automobile consumption demand and local traffic congestion, pollution control and other factors, by increasing the number plate index, relaxing the number plate application conditions, accurately setting the restriction area, and exploring Measures such as policies for the classified use of vehicles inside and outside congested areas, and orderly abolition of administrative restrictions on car purchase.

No new restrictions on car purchases will be issued in various places to stabilize urban car consumption.

  The Ministry of Commerce proposed to support rural automobile consumption, implement the decisions and deployments of the State Council and the requirements of related documents, actively organize and carry out the "automobiles to the countryside" activities in the region, and strive for financial arrangements for special funds to purchase new energy vehicles, mini or light trucks (including Pickup trucks) and passenger cars with displacements of 1.6L and below will be subsidized.

Guide automobile manufacturers, powerful and reputable dealers and e-commerce platforms to sink business channels, accelerate the construction of an urban-rural integrated automobile sales and after-sales service network, and release the potential of rural automobile consumption.

  The Ministry of Commerce emphasized to promote the consumption of new energy vehicles, encourage the allocation of number plates in restricted areas to tilt towards new energy vehicles, support car-free families to purchase the first new energy family car, and study specific measures for unlimited purchases.

All regions can give consumers comprehensive incentives for purchasing new energy vehicles in charging, traffic, parking and other use links, promote the electrification of public vehicles, and consolidate the growth momentum of the new energy vehicle market.

  The Ministry of Commerce pointed out that by increasing the efforts of automobiles to promote consumption, localities can introduce or continue new car purchase subsidy policies, and the subsidy conditions for new car production areas and brands should be fair and just.

Strengthen government-enterprise linkages. All localities can unite with auto sales companies, refined oil companies, insurance companies, etc., by issuing coupons for car purchase, refueling, charging, parking, car washing, etc., free maintenance and insurance services, subsidies for number plate index bidding fees, and extension Measures such as the warranty period for vehicles have worked together to promote the purchase and consumption of automobiles.

  The Ministry of Commerce emphasized that the policy of restricting the removal of second-hand vehicles shall be completely cancelled. Except for the key areas for air pollution prevention and control, the movement of second-hand vehicles that meet the emission standards for in-use vehicles shall not be restricted.

Implement relevant national document requirements to further facilitate the relocation of second-hand cars.

For areas where the policy of restricting the removal of second-hand vehicles is to be restored, the competent commercial authorities of various localities shall submit their opinions and suggestions to the policy formulation department and report to the local people's government and the Ministry of Commerce in a timely manner.

  The Ministry of Commerce proposes to carry out the exchange of old cars for new ones, and regions with conditions can provide subsidies to the elimination of vehicles with National III and below emission standards and purchase new cars, and increase the subsidy amount for new energy vehicles.

Guide automobile production and distribution companies to provide supporting concessions on the basis of government subsidies to amplify the effect of government subsidies.

Encourage support policies such as financial rewards and tax incentives to auto companies that carry out "old-for-new" promotional activities and reach a certain number or amount.

  The Ministry of Commerce requires that the lifting of restrictions on pickup trucks entering cities be accelerated, and the functions of pickup trucks for both passenger and cargo purposes should be fully utilized. In areas where pickup truck entry restrictions have not yet been removed, the relevant departments should actively coordinate to promote the complete cancellation of pickup truck entry restrictions.

For areas that do not have the conditions to completely cancel the city, actively adopt methods such as regional, road segment, and time period to release restrictions on entering the city, implement refined management of pickup trucks entering the city, and gradually realize the complete removal of restrictions on entering the city.