China News Service, February 8th. According to news from the China Consumers Association website, the China Consumers Association issued a consumer reminder for the 2021 Spring Festival on the 8th, reminding consumers not to lose their awareness of epidemic prevention and to celebrate the Spring Festival safely and rationally.

Minimize gatherings during the Spring Festival. Whether you are gathering at home or out, you should actively practice the "CD Action", arrange the amount of meals reasonably according to the number of diners, and consciously resist waste on the tip of your tongue.

Data map: Tourists are visiting the park.

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  The China Consumers Association pointed out that it is necessary to prevent the epidemic and travel cautiously.

The current overseas epidemic continues to spread, and clusters of epidemics and sporadic cases in some areas of my country continue to appear. This requires each of us to continue to tighten the string of epidemic prevention, actively understand and strictly abide by the relevant national and local epidemic prevention policies. Develop a scientific travel plan, try not to go to high-risk areas in the country, and do not arrange cross-border travel.

  Special groups, such as the elderly, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women, etc., try to avoid crowded public places. If you have a travel plan, you must take personal protection, wear masks, wash your hands frequently, take body temperature, and disinfect frequently, and follow the requirements Actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work such as querying health codes and registering identity information.

  The China Consumers Association stated that it is necessary to reduce gatherings and oppose waste.

It is inevitable to have dinners with family, relatives or friends during the Spring Festival, but this year it is recommended that consumers try to minimize dinners.

If you choose to eat out or order a New Year’s Eve dinner at a restaurant, you must choose a restaurant with complete licenses, a clean environment, and strict disinfection measures. After eating, remember to ask for an invoice or receipt to ensure that there is evidence for rights protection in case of consumption disputes.

Regardless of whether you are having a meal at home or out, you should actively practice the "CD Action", reasonably arrange the amount of meals according to the number of diners, and consciously resist waste on the tip of your tongue.

  The China Consumers Association also mentioned that food consumption puts safety first.

"Food is food to safety first".

Consumers should pay attention to safety, health and nutrition when buying food for the New Year, reject game, and pay attention to the balance of food types.

When purchasing, one must choose a reputable online store or supermarket, and do not purchase the "three noes" products without the name of the manufacturer, the date of production, and the address of the factory.

Second, we must purchase the New Year's goods in the right amount according to the needs, so as not to stock up too much and cause deterioration and waste.

  In addition, when buying imported cold-chain foods, try not to touch them directly with your hands. At the same time, take precautions such as disinfection of the outer packaging and cook them thoroughly.

Third, we must carefully read the production date, shelf life, storage conditions and other important information of the outer packaging of the food, and store it scientifically and eat it in time.

  The China Consumers Association also pointed out that in the face of promotion, beware of routines.

This year's Spring Festival Golden Week all kinds of New Year goods will become the key products for merchants to promote.

Faced with various sales promotion methods of merchants, consumers must keep their eyes open, remain rational, and avoid trapping into “routines” such as false discounts and low-price temptations.

Consumers should try their best to choose regular shopping malls, supermarkets, or e-commerce platforms to buy goods, and pay attention to the quality and characteristics of the goods, and do not pursue luxury too much, and do not blindly "consume for the sake of economy."

In addition, when shopping through e-commerce platforms, you must also pay attention to the protection of personal information to prevent risks caused by personal information leakage.

  The China Consumers Association also said that prepaid consumption, beware of running away.

At present, prepaid consumption disputes occur from time to time. After consumers apply for a prepaid card, merchants may suspend business, or run away with payment, or set overlord clauses. Consumer rights are difficult to protect.

During the Spring Festival, many merchants may launch various prepaid recharge activities to attract consumers to apply for cards.

  In this regard, consumers must deal with the business's credibility and their actual needs.

When applying for a prepaid card, do not recharge a large amount at one time, try to sign a written contract with the merchant, carefully review the contract terms, and clarify important matters such as the scope of use, validity period, functions, refund conditions, and liability for breach of the prepaid card.

  The China Consumers Association also said that outdoor play is safe.

For many consumers, they may have already made plans for outdoor play during the Spring Festival holiday.

Because some outdoor sports have certain risks, consumers need to take safety measures to avoid personal and property safety damage while enjoying the happiness and satisfaction brought by outdoor projects.

For example, understand the situation of the scenic spot in advance and formulate a detailed travel strategy; strictly abide by the rules of the scenic spot, and effectively implement the reservation current limit system; reasonably evaluate your own ability and do not choose activities with higher difficulty coefficients; rent sports equipment should be checked for safety to avoid damage caused by damage Disputes or accidents, etc.

Especially when consumers choose some risky activities, they can share the risk by purchasing insurance and other methods.

  The China Consumers Association also reminded that in the process of consumption, pay attention to requesting invoices and other shopping vouchers. When legitimate rights and interests are infringed, you can first negotiate with the merchant to express reasonable demands. If the negotiation fails, you can file a complaint with the relevant administrative department or consumer organization. .