The municipality of Sorsele is behind the sale.

Since January 14, an ad has been out.

- This is what the market in Sorsele looks like, says Jeanette Eklund, housing broker at Sorsele municipality.

The fact that Sorsele municipality owns apartments when there is actually a municipal housing company is due to a deal that took place many years ago.

To support a tenant-owner association that did poorly, the municipality bought several apartments, which have since been sublet.

No interest in the apartment yet

In 2017, the municipal board made a decision to sell the apartments.

According to Jeanette Eklund, the price of 1 kroner does not say anything about Sorsele's attractiveness.

- There are a lot of young people who want to live here, but they do not call me to arrange an apartment.

They arrange jobs and buy houses.

What is the interest in this apartment?

- I have not heard of any interest yet.

I'm not surprised, we have no housing shortage in Sorsele.