China News Agency, Berlin, February 5 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The Chinese Embassy in Germany held a "Spring Festival Package" ceremony on the 5th, officially starting to distribute "Spring Festival Packages" to Chinese citizens in Germany in the consular area to send Chinese New Year to compatriots Holiday greetings and blessings.

  Chinese ambassador to Germany Wu Ken stated at the release ceremony that in the context of a century of change and a century of epidemics, the Chinese people have worked hard and overcome difficulties. Last year’s GDP increased by 2.3% year-on-year, becoming the only global realization. Major economies with positive economic growth; we have eliminated absolute poverty under the current standards, and the absolute poverty problem of the Chinese nation for thousands of years has been solved historically, writing a Chinese miracle in the history of human poverty eradication.

  Wu Ken said that in such a difficult environment, the hard-won achievement of such great achievements fully reflects the strong leadership and powerful governance capabilities of our party and government, and demonstrates the advantages of the socialist system. It is the united heart of 1.4 billion Chinese people. The result of hard work is also inseparable from the important contributions of overseas compatriots, including compatriots in Germany.

  "The domestic consolidation of the results of epidemic prevention and control also has everyone's contribution! Every compatriot in Germany is amazing, and you are good!" Wu Ken said that all the staff of the embassy in Germany will continue to serve the majority of compatriots in Germany. Provide wholehearted service and help within our capacity.

In the near future, Spring Festival bags full of the care of the people of the motherland will be issued one after another and distributed to all compatriots through overseas Chinese delegations and student federations in various places, hoping to bring health, warmth and confidence to everyone.

  On the same day, Wu Ken handed out "Spring Festival Packages" to some overseas Chinese, overseas students and representatives of Chinese-funded institutions.

  The reporter noticed that there are not only masks and other anti-epidemic supplies in the "Spring Festival Bag", but also a Spring Festival couplet which means "safe and good" and a letter of condolence signed by Ambassador Wu Ken.

  Ye Ruirui, a PhD student at the Berlin University of the Arts, told reporters that, as a wanderer studying abroad, he can receive a "Spring Festival package" when he cannot return to China temporarily due to the epidemic. He feels the care of the motherland, feels very warm, and is full of confidence in passing the epidemic safely. , "Soon it will be the season of spring."