, February 5th. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education has recently issued the "Guide to the Curriculum of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in Primary and Secondary Schools" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide"). The main carrier forms of traditional culture include classic articles; humanistic allusions; basic common sense; scientific and technological achievements; art and characteristic skills; other cultural heritage. The main subjects are language, history, ethics and rule of law (ideological and political). (Music, fine arts, etc.), physical education and health disciplines are included in key areas, other disciplines are organically penetrated, and "3+2+N" is covered in all subjects.

  The "Guide" puts forward the overall goal. The education concept of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the curriculum materials of primary and secondary schools is more precise and clear, the layout is more systematic and complete, the content is more scientific and reasonable, and the way of presentation is more rich and vivid.

The curriculum and teaching materials have significantly enhanced the educating function of the Chinese cultural heritage, fostering family and country feelings, enhancing social care, enhancing personality cultivation, and forging the awareness of the Chinese nation's community, and the students' cultural self-confidence has become stronger.

  The "Guide" points out that the main carrier forms of primary and secondary school curriculum materials reflecting the excellent Chinese traditional culture include the following aspects: classic articles; humanistic allusions; basic common sense; scientific and technological achievements; art and characteristic skills; other cultural heritage.

  In terms of disciplinary arrangements, the "Guide" proposes to focus on the three subjects of language, history, ethics, and the rule of law (ideological and political). The arts (music, fine arts, etc.), physical education and health subjects should be included in a key way, and other subjects can penetrate organically, "3 +2+N" full subject coverage.

  The "Guide" stipulates the specific requirements of each subject. For example, in terms of language, the lower grades of elementary school should start with literacy to help students build a cognitive foundation of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

Enlighten students to understand the relationship between the form, meaning and sound of Chinese characters, realize the importance of neat writing, lead students to experience the beauty of Chinese characters, and initially understand the relationship between Chinese characters and Chinese culture.

  In terms of history, the specific content of selected relics, cultural relics, myths and legends, event characters, canon systems, literature and art, and technological achievements are presented in the course materials.

  For example, at the junior high school stage, it is necessary to select famous quotes and sentences from the works of Laozi, Confucius, and Zhuzi, so that students can initially understand the Taoism, nature, benevolence and love, and the core ideas and humanities of unequal Chinese excellent traditional culture. Spirit, cultivate the virtues of respecting the old and loving the young, being honest and trustworthy, being studious and thinking.

  In the high school stage, introduce the main content of the classics of traditional Chinese medicine, so that students can understand the basic theories and diagnostic methods of traditional Chinese medicine, and recognize the overall system thinking and harmony between nature and man.

Introduce the initial formation of traditional martial arts theoretical system, so that students can understand the martial arts and martial arts, establish the national defense awareness of practicing martial arts to strengthen the body and defend the country, and cultivate traditional virtues such as continuous self-improvement and bravery.

  In terms of ideology and politics, the senior high school stage focuses on understanding the world, selecting historically representative ideas, sayings, allusions, character events, and famous phrases in classics, such as "things do not isolate the truth", "gentlemen are harmonious but different, villains" To help students understand the nature of the world, form a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, and enhance their sense of identity with traditional Chinese wisdom.

  In terms of art, "Havoc in Heaven" (animation), "Threefolds of Yangguan" (Guqin), "Avalokitesvara of Thousand Hands" (dance), "Baolian Lantern" (animation), "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" (TV series) , "Eternal Tang Poems" (documentary) and other art and cultural works are reflected in the "Guide".

  In terms of physical education and health, the "Guide" proposes that at the junior high school stage, you should initially master 1-2 traditional folk sports skills and basic health care knowledge, consciously maintain health, develop exercise habits and healthy lifestyles, and enhance the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional sports Cultural awareness and ability.

  In the high school stage, guide students to choose 1-2 sports they like and suitable for learning from the compulsory optional modules of martial arts and national folk sports, master their sports skills more proficiently, cultivate sports interest, strengthen their physique, and form 1-2 Sports expertise to enhance the ability to inherit Chinese excellent traditional sports culture.

  The "Guide" also makes relevant provisions for other disciplines.