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Not only are

Pablo Casado's

constant visits to


, for four months, proof that for the PP the

February 14 elections

have a high-ranking relevance.

Prominent party leaders, such as Isabel Díaz Ayuso, José Luis Martínez-Almeida or Alberto Núñez Feijóo, have also set foot in the community in the last week and, today,

Alejandro Fernández's


has received support with a marked ideological footprint, that of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo.

The deputy in


has shared with the candidate for the presidency of the


and with the former leader of the



Alejo Vidal-Quadras




in which they have discussed "the dangers of


" and in which they have warned of "the pacts of the Spanish left with Catalan nationalism."

"Now they are trying the

Illa route

, which is the route agreed against the


to achieve its mutation," Álvarez de Toledo has warned about a possible understanding between the PSC and Esquerra Republicana after the elections.

The parliamentarian has described the socialist president, Salvador Illa, as a "front man of nationalism", equating him with

Pasqual Maragall


José Montilla


The representative for


in the Lower House considers that the independence movement "lost the opportunity to enter adulthood" in

October 2017

, the date on which "it was condemned to adolescence" and in which, on the other hand, "the socialism changed sides and betrayed the constitutional spirit. "

The only solution, in his opinion, is "the pending task of creating a strong

civic nation

in the face of identities."

Therefore, in a message addressed to Vox, he explained that "Catalan nationalism should not be responded to with Spanish nationalism or magic remedies."

Álvarez de Toledo has also criticized those who claim to turn the page and negotiate: "The center is not the middle point between crime and the law or between separatism and the Constitution. The true

third way

is the Constitution."

The three participants in the event have agreed not to dissociate populism from nationalism.

"The radical leftist populism of the CUP has been perfectly understood with the identity populism of Carles Puigdemont and Quim Torra," Fernández has given as an example.

"Populism picks up the worst of the human being, that is, envy, hatred and anger. And they all end up the same: storming the


, surrounding Congress, storming the


or the headquarters of the


in Barcelona", added the head of the PP list for the regional elections.

Vidal-Quadras, who was relieved of the leadership of the Catalan Popular Party in 1996 as a result of

the Majestic pact

with Convergència i Unió, has dedicated harsh words to what he has described as "the conglomerate of dogmatic left-wing extremism and secessionist totalitarian identitarianism ".

The former leader of Vox has also been against any


with the nationalist parties: "More concessions and symbolic recognition only feed the monster. It is not necessary to tame it, but to fight it without quarter at the


and in the field of ideas until neutralizing it. and get their complete defeat. "

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