A security agent is in front of the entrance of the Faun company, on January 29 in Guilherand-Granges (Ardèche), the day after the assassination of a HRD.



Suspected of "assassinations" of two of his former HRDs and an advisor from Pôle Emploi, last week in Valence, Ardèche and Alsace, Gabriel Fortin remained silent throughout his custody.

This unemployed engineer has just been transferred Wednesday to the Vinatier psychiatric hospital in Bron, near Lyon, says the Valence prosecutor.

The 45-year-old man was automatically hospitalized to this specialized unit by prefectural decision, specifies the prefecture of Drôme, confirming information from

Dauphiné Libéré


The prison in which he was detained approached the prefecture in view of "elements which suggested that he could be a danger to himself", adds the same source.

A link quickly established with the murder of another HRD in Haut-Rhin

Valence prosecutor Alex Perrin specifies that Gabriel Fortin has not been heard again by the examining magistrate since his indictment on Saturday for "assassinations".

On January 28, this single, childless man was arrested in Valence after having shot and killed a Pôle Emploi adviser in the center of Valence and the director of human resources at the Faun company, in Guilherand-Granges (Ardèche), where he had worked between 2008 and 2010.

A link could be established with the murder two days earlier of another HRD, shot dead in the parking lot of his company in Wolfgantzen (Haut-Rhin), as well as with the assault of a human resources manager at his home in Wattwiller.


Valence: The man, suspected of having killed two HRDs and a Pôle Emploi advisor, is also involved in an assassination attempt


Valence: Farewell letters found at the home of the man suspected of having killed two HRDs and a Pôle Emploi advisor

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