Senegal: Diary Sow is back on social networks to promote a novel

The "disappearance" of Diary Sow in France had aroused a strong mobilization.

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Diary Sow did not reappear physically, but virtually this week promoting his second book on social media.

The "disappearance" - which turned out to be voluntary - in France of this brilliant student last month had aroused intense mobilization.


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With our correspondent in Dakar


Charlotte Idrac

Sacred "best student of Senegal", enrolled in scientific preparation at the prestigious Lycée Louis le Grand in Paris, Diary Sow is also the author of a novel published in January 2020,

Under the face of an angel


And it was by promoting her second book that she resurfaced on social networks. 

In a three-minute video clip posted on Diary Sow's - now certified - Instagram account, a female voice gives a preview of her new novel, titled

And the Masks Fall!

, the story of a “

teenage girl with a painful past 

” who flees her family home. 

See this post on Instagram

A post shared by Diary Sow (@diarysow_auteur)

Relief and admiration for some.

Publicity stunt, for the others.

She does not mention her runaway

which moved the whole country.

But in the comments that accompany the clip, Diary Sow then posts some “




This video, born in an 'idle' hour, in a troubled period, led you to sometimes erroneous conclusions 

", writes the author, who emphasizes having completed the writing of the novel "

well before all these events


And to continue: “ 

Resume writing, (…) just to give a message of hope, of renewal perhaps.

I have to move on


Diary Sow also asserts that the story is "

entirely fictitious

", the "

resemblances to the current situation are pure coincidences


Diary Sow therefore chose to speak in writing.

Many hoped to see it, or to hear it.

In a message when she reappeared two weeks ago, her mentor and godfather, the Minister of Water, said: "

she needs serenity



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