The Syrian official media reported that an Israeli air strike, on Wednesday night, extended to the southern region from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, while sources confirmed to the island that it targeted Iranian militia sites in the Quneitra governorate.

The Syrian news agency (SANA) said that the Syrian air defense systems responded to Israeli missiles fired at the south of the country late on Wednesday.

(SANA) quoted a military source as saying that "the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan with bursts of (air-to-surface) and (surface-to-surface) missiles, targeting some targets in the southern region," without adding any details about These goals.

The source added, "Our air defense media confronted the enemy missiles and dropped most of them," explaining that the losses are material only.

On the other hand, local sources said to Al-Jazeera that the Israeli bombing hit a militia site loyal to Iran, near the city of "Khan Arnabeh" in the Quneitra governorate (south of the Syrian capital, Damascus).

The frequency of targeting

In recent months, Israel has intensified its targeting of military sites that it says follow the Iranian forces and groups loyal to it in several areas in Syria.

On January 13, Israeli raids on weapons depots and military sites in eastern Syria killed at least 57 regime forces and groups that Israel considers loyal to Iran, in a toll that is the highest since the start of the Israeli strikes in Syria.

On the 22nd of the same month, 4 civilians were killed, including two children, as a result of Israeli shelling targeting the vicinity of Hama (in the center of the country), according to official media.

Israel rarely confirms the implementation of strikes in Syria, but the Israeli army stated in its annual report a few weeks ago that during the year 2020 it had bombed about 50 targets in Syria, without providing details about them.