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The news that the death of

Dustin Diamond,

which occurred last day 1, has caught the followers of the mythical series of the 90s totally unprepared, since the actor

did not want to publicize the ailment

that has cost his life to his 44 years.

However, the TMZ portal revealed on January 8 that the well-known actor had entered a Florida hospital to find

the origin of the severe pain

that he suffered throughout his body in recent months.

Now it has been



who has published that the interpreter

was not alone during his last minutes

of life, because his girlfriend, Tash Jules, did not leave his side at any time.

Roger Paul, the manager of the actor who played the charismatic


in Saved by the Bell, has also pointed out that Dustin has been unwell for some time and that

"he had a lump on his neck that he didn't know about."

Later, the worst omen came true and he was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell carcinoma, a cancer that usually occurs in the lungs, but can also manifest in the intestinal tract or prostate.

His partner has been

completely devastated

after the death of Dustin Diamond, as he has told the

Daily Mail


"He was the love of my life.

We plan a future together and we often talk about having children," he added to the aforementioned medium.

"The last day I spoke to him was the day before he passed away," he continued.

Dustin Diamond, Screech in Saved by the Bell dies

"Even though he was struggling to breathe and had difficulty speaking, he

was able to say 'I love you',

and I told him I loved him too," confessed the


pharmacy technician


According to Tash, the actor was released from the hospital on Monday and settled in the home of his friend, J

ules Ft Myers, where he received hospice care.

As Jules and a hospital worker prepared the room, Tash arrived to

discover that Diamond was not breathing.

His best friend, Dan Block, explained that last week he was able to speak, but by Sunday, he could barely breathe.

"He was afraid of the public's attention if he went to the hospital. But finally, his girlfriend took him and the doctors confirmed that it was cancer," his manager said a few days ago.

In this way, Dustin Diamond was diagnosed with a cancer that only killed him a few days after he began treatment, as it was

"brutal and relentless."

Roger Paul has also made it clear that the interpreter

was positive, humorous

and that he struggled as much as he could while undergoing chemotherapy sessions.

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