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These fitness devices allow you to perform many physical exercises and to work the whole body.

Easy to store and versatile, they are practical and appreciated by all those looking to keep in shape, without leaving their home.

To choose the model that suits you best, take the time to study these few criteria and discover the most popular steppers today.

How to choose the best stepper?

It's not easy to navigate among the wide choice of steppers on offer, especially if you are new to this practice.

But these few criteria can help you compare models:

  • Its size and ease of storage are essential criteria.

    Some are particularly clever and allow them to find their place in a cupboard when they are no longer in use.

  • The price is also important since big differences exist between the models.

  • The presence of accessories is a plus and will allow you to diversify the exercises and therefore gain versatility.

  • Also check its weight, especially if you want to be able to carry it.

  • The possibility of working with rotary movements is a plus.

    But this is only possible on high-end models, at the high price.

  • The presence of a non-slip coating and / or a mat of this type also proves to be ingenious.

    This allows you to stabilize the stepper and avoid any risk of falling.

Small selection of some of the best steppers on the market

Aerobic Quilting Board Elite: the simplest and most economical stepper

Stepper Aerobic Quilting Board Elite - DR

Simple, but very practical, this stepper is ideal for beginners.

Adjustable in height (between 10 and 20 cm), it is suitable for people wishing to resume physical activity gently as well as for experienced athletes.

By changing the height, it allows you to perform different types of exercises with increasing levels of difficulty.

Its non-slip coating also ensures that you can practice your physical activity in complete safety.

This stepper is also robust and very compact.

The pros and cons of the Aerobic Quilting Board Elite stepper:

Most :

  • His price ;

  • Its quality materials and non-slip coating;

  • Its 3 possible height adjustments;

  • Its small footprint;

  • The presence of a carpet to stabilize it.

The lessers :

  • Sometimes considered small.

Get the Aerobic Quilting pattern

Mini stepper with handlebars: the stepper with the best value for money

Mini stepper with handlebars - DR

Equipped with a handlebar, extenders and an electronic counter, this stepper is complete and very well positioned in terms of price.

Thanks to the extensors, you can work the muscles of your legs, your arms, but also your back and your buttocks.

On the counter, various data accompany your sports activities: duration, calories burned, movements performed, etc.

The pros and cons of the mini stepper with handlebars:

Most :

  • Its excellent quality / price ratio;

  • The presence of 2 extensors to work the whole body;

  • Its non-slip handlebars;

  • The presence of a multifunctional meter;

  • The presence of a non-slip mat.

The lessers :

  • A little sketchy assembly instructions.

Get the Mini stepper model

Artizlee: the stepper adapted to small budgets

Stepper Artizlee - DR

Although it comes with two ropes to intensify and diversify the exercises, this stepper remains very accessible, with a price positioned at less than 65 euros.

You can therefore alternate the postures and work your back, upper and lower body as well as your glutes.

On the pedals, reliefs also increase blood circulation from the soles of your feet.

Finally, it is equipped with an LCD display screen to monitor information related to your training.

The pros and cons of the Artizlee stepper:

Most :

  • His price ;

  • The presence of two strings;

  • The presence of reliefs on the pedals;

  • The presence of an LCD display showing all the information related to your practice: duration, calories burned.

The lessers :

  • The lack of rotation.

Get the Artizlee Mod

Capital Sports Minioval: the high-end stepper

Stepper Capital Sports Minioval - DR

Usable in a sitting or standing position, this stepper is very complete.

In addition to having all the basic functions equipping all previous models, this one is distinguished by the possibility of performing elliptical movements with an adjustable angle at three levels and an adjustable magnetic resistance.

Due to its small footprint, it can also be used under a desk while working.

It is also equipped with a computer to monitor your performance.

The latter displays the distance traveled, the duration of the exercise as well as the speed or the number of calories burned.

The pros and cons of the Capital Sports Minioval stepper:

Most :

  • The possibility of performing elliptical movements;

  • Its adjustable magnetic resistance;

  • Three-level adjustable movement angle;

  • Its small footprint;

  • Quiet ;

  • The presence of a control computer.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Capital Sports model

Vorcol: the most economical stepper

Stepper Vorcol - DR

Impossible to exceed your budget with this stepper sold for less than 30 euros.

Less technical than the previous one, it is nonetheless effective if you want to reproduce, at home, the physical effects of climbing stairs.

This stepper is also practical and very easy to store since it hardly takes up any space.

You can also adjust the height of the step to your needs.

The pros and cons of the Vorcol stepper:

Most :

  • His price ;

  • Its small footprint;

  • Its adjustable height;

  • Easily transportable.

The lessers :

  • The lack of advanced features.

Get the Vorcol model

Capital Sport Galaxy Step Mini: the best high-end stepper

stepper Capital Sport Galaxy Step Mini - DR

It's impossible to talk about a stepper without mentioning this Galaxy model from the Capital Sport brand.

It is truly the most complete and the most upscale of the moment.

It comes with two weight training ropes, an intuitive training computer with LCD screen and a dedicated application allowing you to follow your progress.

Thanks to it, it is possible for you to work your legs, your buttocks as well as your upper body.

The computer also allows you to track your calorie consumption, the programmed timer and other data in real time.

The pros and cons of the Capital Sport Galaxy Step Mini stepper:

Most :

  • The presence of two weight lifting ropes;

  • The presence of a training computer with LCD screen;

  • A dedicated application;

  • Its non-slip coating;

  • The large width of the steps;

  • Its robustness and stability;

  • Its Bluetooth connection.

The lessers :

  • His price.

Get the Galaxy model

Tempsa: the stepper capable of supporting a load of 150 kg

Stepper Tempsa - DR

Particularly robust, this stepper is capable of supporting up to 150 kg of load, a feat that only certain models manage to achieve.

It comes with two pull cords, but above all an LCD screen displaying and recording your data: number of calories burned, number of pedals and time.

It is also well positioned in terms of value for money.

The pros and cons of the Tempsa stepper:

Most :

  • Its capacity to support up to 150 kg;

  • The presence of two traction cords, a cushion and an installation tool;

  • The presence of an LCD screen displaying the data;

  • Quiet ;

  • His price.

The lessers :

  • Its green color can be annoying.

Get the Tempsa model

MAXOfit Greenline: the most foldable handlebar stepper

MAXOfit Greenline Stepper - DR

While it has a handlebar, this stepper is still compact.

Its clever folding allows it to take advantage of a small footprint.

Once in place, it allows you to work the whole body while enjoying great flexibility thanks to its system with hydraulic shock absorbers.

It is also equipped with an electronic counter recording certain data such as the duration of the exercise, the number of steps, calories burned, etc.

The pros and cons of the MAXOfit Greenline stepper:

Most :

  • Incorporating a handlebar;

  • Foldable.

  • The presence of two hydraulic shock absorbers;

  • The presence of an electronic counter;

  • The possibility of adjusting the height of the steps.

The lessers :

  • Unclear notice.

Get the MAXOfit model

In order to choose the best stepper, you should first and foremost be interested in the criteria that are most essential for you.

It could be the features the device has, or just the ease with which you will be able to store it.

It's up to you.

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