On the 2nd, an international research team of WHO = World Health Organization, which is visiting Wuhan, China to clarify the source of the new coronavirus, visited an institution conducting research on infectious diseases that spread among animals. ..

The WHO research team, which is made up of experts from various countries including Japan, has been conducting a full-scale field survey in Wuhan since January 29, and on the 2nd, infectious diseases that spread among animals in Hubei Province, where Wuhan is located. I visited an institution that conducts research on.

Chinese health officials initially pointed out that the infection could have spread from wildlife sold in the Wuhan market, and one member of the research team met with facility officials. It is revealed on Twitter.

On the other hand, regarding future investigations, the English version of the Chinese Communist Party media "Global Times" may have leaked the virus from the former Trump administration in the United States within this week, according to a member of the WHO investigation team. It is said that he is expected to visit the "Wuhan Institute of Virus Research" that has claimed to be.

It seems that China also aims to appeal its supportive attitude to the research by opening the research institute that has attracted international attention, and the focus is on what kind of explanation the Chinese side will give.