In this wood, the revelers thought they were out of sight.


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  • A new clandestine party was discovered by the police from the North.

  • About forty young people had taken over an old bunker transformed into a nightclub.

  • Seven people were arrested, including six organizers and a dealer.

The blue pill that calms Saturday night fever.

At the start of the evening on Saturday, the Lille police again intervened to put an end to a clandestine party.

Despite the curfew, a few dozen young people were preparing to have a good time in a wasteland transformed into a real disco, we learned from the Departmental Directorate of Public Security (DDSP) of the North.

They thought they had prepared their shot well, the party organizers.

The place, already, was not an apartment building in the city center but an old abandoned bunker located in the middle of a small wood in Hellemmes, near Lille.

Inside, everything had been brought to make the place look like an underground box: generator, big sound system, spotlights and even a smoke machine.

There was also a dealer in charge of narcotics, for those who cannot have fun without going through the drug box.

Seven arrests and 38 verbalizations

In short, the evening promised to be frenzied until people who were not invited burst in at the stroke of 8:30 pm The sound system had barely had time to heat up when the police arrived in strength.

Panic on board.

Some revelers managed to flee but most of those present were checked, police said.

All of them, 38 in total, were fined for not respecting the curfew before being sent back to bed.

For the organizers, the end of the evening turned out to be more complicated.

They were six, aged 18 to 33, from the Lille metropolis and Valenciennes, to end in police custody for endangering the lives of others.

A seventh person, the drug dealer, was also arrested for drug trafficking.

All the material was also seized.


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