According to Public Health France, contaminations of young people aged 0 to 9 are on the rise.

But according to the president of the National Union of high schools, colleges, schools and higher (Snalc), studies on the transmission of the virus at school will be put in place only in February.

The number of contaminations declared in schools has been climbing since the beginning of January, in particular in the last 3 weeks.

But more than the figures of the National Education, it is the curve of contaminations of children from 0 to 9 years old published by Public Health France that the teachers' unions look even more closely.

It would be more reliable, learns at Europe 1 Jean-Rémi Girard, the president of Snalc (National Union of high schools, colleges, schools and higher), since some parents do not necessarily notify the school that their child is positive.

However, he laments, there would not yet be a precise study on the role of the school on these contaminations.

How effective is the health protocol at school?

For him, it is urgent to analyze the effectiveness of the health protocol.

"If the school plays a role in the contamination, we will have to say it and know it. This is a very problematic point, the scientific side of what is happening at school. only now to set up studies on the transmission of the virus at school. Only mid-February! "

deplores the president of Snalc.

"While it's been since November that my school is in adapted organization. We do not know if it is useful, if it works better than others ... We do everything blindly." 

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Ascending curve of contaminations in young people

On our antenna on Saturday, Renaud Piarroux, head of the parasitology service at Pitié-Salpêtrière and specialist in epidemic management, assured that "the virus is currently circulating more in colleges and high schools, PCR rates are higher there" than in the rest of the population.

And if the number of contaminations among young people is not yet at the level of November, when the second confinement was decided, the curve is rising.