The PNV has verified from the platform of the Basque Parliament the

agreement between EH Bildu and the Government of Pedro Sánchez

that translates into the transfer of

"5 a week"

in reference to the announcements of

approaches that Penitentiary Institutions carry out every Friday


While the Ministry of Grande-Marlaska maintains that these more than 140 movements of prisoners are due to decisions of the Treatment Boards, even Andoni Ortuzar's party -

supporter of

these measures - underlines this agreement as a reason to explain

Bildu's support for Sánchez

while maintaining his opposition profile in Euskadi.

Penitentiary Institutions announced on Friday the approach of another five ETA prisoners.

The PNV spokesman

Joseba Egibar

has practically closed the budget debate by accusing EH Bildu of putting "strategy before ideology" with a double political game in Madrid and Vitoria.

"EH Bildu has changed the playing field to

attend to its own emergencies: It is the so-called 5-a-week agreement"

, Egibar pointed out.

The movements of ETA prisoners to bring them closer to the Basque Country have multiplied in the second semester of 2020 and the start of 2021 but began in the summer of 2018 with the arrival of Pedro Sánchez to La Moncloa.

Among these last five transfers are

Juan Ramón Carasatorre Aldaz

, convicted of the murder of Gregorio Ordóñez;

Martín Sarasola

, one of the authors of the attack on the T-4 at the Madrid-Barajas airport;

or Sergio Polo Escobes, material author of the attack that ended the life of Commander Luciano Cortizo.


Sergio Polo


Gorka Vidal

, another imprisoned ETA member, are transferred to the



, one of the three located in the Basque Country that

will be transferred to the Urkullu government

as of

next spring.


Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT)

has regretted that "one more Friday" they proceed to communicate the transfer to prisons closer to the Basque Country or Navarra of ETA prisoners.

According to their data, 15% of ETA members are already in prisons in these two autonomous communities, while another 42% are less than 200 kilometers from their homes.

With those of today, there are 158 transfers since Pedro Sánchez is in the Government, 57 with blood crimes, corresponding to

139 ETA members, of which 31 have been approved to prisons in the Basque Country or Navarra.

The AVT has complained about the latest statements by EH Bildu and that the Ministry of the Interior continues to give "no explanation and without taking charge of the pain that these movements cause in the victims of terrorism, even presuming to have a General Directorate of Victims of Terrorism ".

Penitentiary Institutions recalled that the approaches are conditioned to the Covid-19 pandemic, since prisons are taking measures to avoid contagion.

One of the transfers affects Juan Ramón Carasatorre Aldaz, who will leave the Castellón II Penitentiary Center for El Dueso, in Cantabria.

He was sentenced in 2011 by the National Court to 30 years in prison as the author of the murder of the leader of the PP in San Sebastián

Gregorio Ordóñez

, who has just been remembered by his family and colleagues as every 23 January.

Furthermore, in 2014 he was sentenced to 29 years in prison for the murder of Mariano de

Juan Santamaría


He was also sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of Enrique Nieto Viyella, reports Europa Press.

Prisons progresses Carasatorre Aldaz to the second degree and indicates that he will serve 3/4 of the sentence in March 2029. He also says of him that "he accepts the legality of the prison, rejects the use of violence and has expressed his desire to compensate the pain caused to its victims. "

Sergio Polo Escobes, for his part, leaves the Herrera de la Mancha Penitentiary for Zaballa (Álava).

He is sentenced for killing Commander

Luciano Cortizo

in 1995, as well as other attacks such as the one perpetrated against

Emilio Castillo López de la Franca


In 2015, as AVT recalls, he was sentenced to one hundred years in prison for the

attempted murder of Captain Juan José Aliste, his daughter and three of the girl's high school classmates


Prisons recalled that Sergio Polo is waiting for the National High Court to rule on the maximum time for serving his sentence and says that it authorizes his progression to the second degree and transfer for reasons protected by the Data Protection Law.

Martín Sarasola Yarzabal, one of those convicted of ending the lives of Diego Armando Estacio Sivisapa and Carlos Alonso Palate Sailema in the

attack on the T-4,

also leaves Jaén Penitentiary Center for Dueñas, in Palencia.

He was sentenced to 1,040 years in prison for this attack he carried out with Igor Portu, which was already approached in December.

Prisons progresses him to the second degree and approves his transfer, and also recalls that he is another of the ETA members who is pending the National Court to rule on the maximum time for serving his sentence.

Ibai Beobide Arza will be transferred to Burgos from the Puerto III Penitentiary Center, in Andalusia.

He was sentenced in 2013 by the National Court to 20 years for belonging to ETA and hiding explosives in zulos and a storage room in the Basque Country.

In 2020 he was sentenced to 29 years in prison for the

attack on the EITB headquarters

in December 2008. In 2011 he was also convicted of being the material author of the attack on the Casa del Pueblo (PSE headquarters) in the Bilbao neighborhood of La Peña , six Ertzaintza agents were injured.

Finally, Gorka Vidal Álvaro will change the Logroño Prison for



He was sentenced in February 2007 to 22 years in prison as responsible for the transfer of a van bomb to attack in Madrid, as well as for the attempt to attack in Baqueira.

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