Cepoy (France) (AFP)

The famous stuntman Rémy Julienne, who died on January 21 as a result of the Covid-19 at the age of 90, was buried Friday in Cepoy (Loiret), in front of more than a hundred people, noted a journalist from the AFP.

The man with 1,400 productions, who notably participated in several James Bonds, was buried in a blue, white, red coffin, bearing the logo of his production company, a red car taking off.

In tribute to his career, which spanned fifty years and which enabled him to double notably Yves Montand, Alain Delon, Roger Moore or Sean Connery, in six James Bond, the credits of several adventures opus from the famous British agent were broadcast.

About a hundred people came to pay tribute to him.

Bernard Menez, Raphaël Mezrahi but also some stuntmen like Mario Luraschi were present in the small church of Cepoy, near Montargis.

On the square, a sign illustrated with a photo of Rémy Julienne in the company of Jean-Paul Belmondo welcomed the relatives of the deceased.

"It is the last of the der, the ace of the aces of the waterfall. Go for it, take off perfectly. As usual, your friend Bébel is looking at you. The angels of the waterfall are waiting for you", was he wrote, signed "Les Cepoyens qui t'aiment".

Jean-Paul Belmondo's lawyer expressed the suffering of the actor, who could not go to the Loiret, "for health reasons".

"The sorrow of Jean-Paul is deep, (...) because he could not come today", testified Me Michel Godest, recalling that the actor, 87 years old, was recovering " eyes closed "to" his friend Rémy "during his stunts.

Rémy Julienne, native of Cepoy (Loiret), of which "he was the daredevil of the corner", he was recalled during the ceremony, made his film debut in 1964. Then French motocross champion , he had been approached to double Jean Marais on the set of Fantômas.

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