• Brussels.The EU launches a mechanism that would allow the ban on vaccine exports

  • Coronavirus: The fight between Brussels and AstraZeneca rises in tone

British tabloids have taken advantage of the growing tension between Brussels and the English laboratory AstraZeneca to lash out at

"the selfish EU"

, as the

Daily Express

has defined it on its cover

just weeks after Brexit was consummated.

Two of his most sensational newspapers covered his impressions

of the delay in the delivery of the doses developed by AstraZeneca that has compromised the community vaccination strategy


If there are suspicions that AstraZeneca could have resold the doses paid by the European Commission, for the

Daily express

it is a question of "selfishness".

"Wait your turn!

The selfish EU wants our vaccines

", has headlined on its cover.

The European Union could even block exports to third countries if AstraZeneca finally does not fulfill its part of the contract.

The mechanism that the Commission aspires to put in place tomorrow

means that any pharmaceutical company that wants to export vaccines outside the EU

, whatever the final destination (although there will be exemptions for humanitarian reasons and for the nearest and least favored neighbors), You must first submit a series of standardized forms to the customs authorities of the country where the plant is located.

The paperwork, according to the community technicians

"would be resolved in hours, not days or weeks



Brussels will set a series of legal criteria, the basis of which is compliance with and respect for the contracts already signed with pharmaceutical companies.

The customs authorities will analyze each export request and if there are no problems it will be allowed.

Technicians insist that while a veto is possible and can occur on some occasions, it is not expected to be the norm.

For its part, the

Daily mail

waved its home page with a forceful phrase:

"No, the EU cannot have our vaccines



For this newspaper, Brussels "tries to requisition 75 million doses of the vaccine against the coronavirus manufactured in the United Kingdom".

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Coronavirus The fight between Brussels and AstraZeneca rises in tone

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