The WHO = World Health Organization's international research team in Wuhan, China, has completed quarantine measures after entering the country on the afternoon of the 28th and left the hotel in quarantine to clarify the source of the new coronavirus. ..

From the 29th, it is expected that the on-site investigation will begin in earnest.

WHO's international research team, consisting of experts from various countries including Japan, has been quarantined in a hotel in the city after arriving in Wuhan, Hubei Province on the 14th of this month, and has continued online discussions with Chinese experts. I did.

On the afternoon of the 28th, the research team completed two weeks of quarantine and moved from the quarantined hotel to another hotel in the city on a large bus.

Many foreign media gathered at the site, but traffic restrictions were imposed on the road leading to the hotel entrance, and coverage was restricted.

In this survey, WHO visited the seafood market, where many patients were confirmed in the early stages of the spread of the infection, the Wuhan Institute of Visas, which claims that the virus may have leaked in the United States, and hospital officials. We would like to conduct on-site surveys such as interviews to clarify the source of the virus and the route of infection to humans.

On the other hand, regarding the investigation, since one year has already passed since the spread of the infection, there are some who question whether it will lead to the identification of the source within WHO, and the Chinese side provided related data etc. The focus is on how well you respond to your request.

Wuhan people

Regarding the full-scale investigation by WHO's international research team, a man living in Wuhan said, "I want you to prove that the source is not Wuhan. I want you to show innocence to the world." ..

Another woman said, "Wuhan is the place where the infection first spread, so I think the investigation here will help identify the source. I hope it is an objective investigation."

China "Interpretation from prejudice and negative speculation is inappropriate"

Regarding WHO's international research team, spokesman Zhao Lijian of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said at a press conference on the 28th, "We should follow the principle of scientifically searching for sources, prevent future risks, and people's lives. The main purpose should be to protect safety, safety and health. "

"The source of the virus is in the process of being investigated and may have occurred in many places. Attempts to politically interpret it from prejudice and negative speculation are inappropriate."