No first vaccination against Covid-19 for a month in Hauts-de-France.


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  • No more new vaccinations in Hauts-de-France until March.

  • The number of doses received in February will barely be enough to ensure the second injections.

  • This break in vaccinations does not however concern residents of nursing homes.

Forced break.

For a month, the Hauts-de-France vaccination centers will no longer be able to administer the vaccine against Covid-19 to new patients.

The Regional Health Agency (ARS), for lack of sufficient supply, has logically decided to favor second injections.

According to the ARS, since the start of the vaccination campaign, nearly 100,000 inhabitants of Hauts-de-France have received the first injection of the Pfizer vaccine in one of the 95 centers open in the region.

This corresponds to about 15% of the priority population.

Except that from now until the beginning of March, it will no longer be possible to vaccinate new people.

Just enough doses to guarantee the second injection

For the month of February, Hauts-de-France will only receive 126,360 doses of vaccine, a little less than in January.

An endowment which is therefore not even sufficient to ensure the second injection to all those vaccinated since the beginning of the year.

As a result, priority is given to the latter and all the first injection appointments have been canceled to be rescheduled from the first week of March.

However, this does not concern the vaccinations of residents of nursing homes.

These establishments depend on a different supply flow from that which supplies the vaccination centers.

Nearly 17,000 doses have arrived or will arrive in the coming days in nursing homes in Nord Pas-de-Calais.

The other departments of the region having already been delivered between January 19 and 23.

"14,721 nursing home residents have already been able to receive a first injection of the vaccine in Hauts-de-France", underlines the ARS.


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