China Overseas Chinese Network, January 28. According to the Japanese "Chinese Herald", a few days ago, the "2021 Spring Festival and Blessing Calligraphy Exhibition" and the All-Japan Chinese Calligraphers Association's exchange event were held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Tokyo.

  On the same day, members of professional organizations such as the All-Japan Chinese Calligraphers Association, the Japanese Chinese Literature Association, the Japanese Chinese Artists Association, and the Chinese media attended the event to witness the birth of the new All-Japan Chinese Calligraphers Association leadership group.

  The outgoing chairman Jin Ou first reviewed the history of the Chinese Book Association since its inception. Especially in the past six years, the Chinese Book Association has kept pace with the times and left many achievements in creation, communication, promotion and popularization.

For example, he published the first overseas Chinese calligraphy newspaper, launched a collection of works by Chinese calligraphers in Japan, and produced a 2019 calligraphy calendar.

Jin Ou hopes that the Chinese Calligraphy Association will continue to work hard under the leadership of the new chairman Gao Xiaofei, and cooperate with the Chinese Association of Literary and Art Circles, the Chinese Artists Association and other organizations to make progress together, expand the role of publicity, and dedicate beauty to society and to everyone.

  Guests such as Luo Yuquan, Director of the Chinese Cultural Center, and Gao Yuan Longyi, Director of the All-China Federation of Japan, delivered speeches and congratulations respectively.

  Luo Yuquan, director of the Chinese Cultural Center, was entrusted by the Book Association to issue a letter of appointment to Gao Xiaofei.

  Former Chairman of the All-Japan Chinese Calligraphers Association, current Chairman of the Japanese Chinese Calligraphers Association, Japanese calligrapher, and seal carver Jin Ou, was invited to be the honorary chairman of the new All-Japan Chinese Calligraphers Association.

  Wu Minzhong, the former deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Calligraphers Association and calligrapher in Japan, was appointed as the secretary-general of the new All-Japan Chinese Calligraphers Association.