The international research team of WHO = World Health Organization, which is in Wuhan, China to clarify the source of the new coronavirus, has completed the quarantine measures after entering Japan on the 28th, and will conduct on-site investigations in the future. It is expected to be in full swing.

After arriving in Wuhan, Hubei Province on the 14th of this month, WHO's international research team, consisting of experts from various countries including Japan, was quarantined at a hotel in the city and had online discussions with Chinese experts. I have continued.

The investigation team is expected to begin full-scale on-site investigations in the future after the two-week quarantine measures have been completed on the 28th.

WHO visited the seafood market, where many patients were confirmed in the early stages of the spread of the infection in this survey, the Wuhan Institute of Visas, which claims that the virus may have leaked in the United States, and hospital officials. We would like to clarify the source of the virus and the route of infection to humans through interviews.

On the other hand, regarding the investigation, since one year has already passed since the spread of the infection, there are some who question whether it will lead to the identification of the source within WHO, and the Chinese side provided related data etc. The focus is on how well you respond to your request.