The German Medical Association has asked the Federal Government and the EU Commission to urge the manufacturers of corona vaccines to comply with the contractually guaranteed quantities and deadlines.

The causes of the delivery problems at Astra Zeneca, for example, would have to be "fully clarified and resolved as quickly as possible," said the President of the German Medical Association, Klaus Reinhardt, of the Düsseldorf "Rheinische Post".

Above all, the population groups that are particularly at risk and those employed in clinics and care facilities must be vaccinated "before the highly contagious virus variant from Great Britain spreads further in Germany," explained Reinhardt.

"Literally every day counts." According to Reinhardt, the more than 440 vaccination centers in Germany could long be running at full capacity if enough vaccines were available.

The same applies to medical practices.

The British-Swedish manufacturer Astra Zeneca recently announced bottlenecks in supplying the European Union with the vaccine.

The EU Commission suspects that the bottlenecks could be due to the fact that the manufacturer supplies the UK and other non-EU countries with unreduced quantities of the vaccine.

The group denies this.


The head of Astra Zeneca, Pascal Soriot, told WELT that his company was not contractually obliged to deliver certain quantities of vaccine.

In his words, Brussels wanted to be supplied more or less at the same time as the British - although they had signed three months earlier.

"That is why we promised to try, but did not commit ourselves by contract."