China News Service, Changchun, January 27th (Reporter Guo Jia) Two coronary stents are 16,800 yuan, and three coronary stents are 1,944 yuan-this is obviously not a math problem, but two operations from Mr. Wei from Dunhua, Jilin Cost situation.

  Five years ago, Mr. Wei suffered a sudden acute myocardial infarction. He implanted two coronary stents at Dunhua City Hospital, which cost 16,800 yuan. This year, his old disease relapsed and three coronary stents were implanted, but the unit price of the stent was only 648 yuan. .

  "This is the medical reform dividend that the common people dream of." Mr. Wei, who completed the operation recently, lamented that the cost of two operations was "a world apart."

  Mr. Wei's experience is inseparable from a new medical insurance policy promoted by China-centralized procurement of coronary stents.

This policy has led to a substantial price reduction of products through centralized bidding and procurement and reduction of intermediate circulation links.

  Coronary stents, also known as heart stents, are highly used in the treatment of heart diseases.

According to statistics, more than 1 million heart stents are used in China each year.

Coronary stents are expensive and bring a heavy burden of medical expenses to patients.

  At present, all medical institutions in Jilin Province can purchase coronary stents through the Provincial Public Resource Exchange Center.

The relevant person in charge of the Dunhua City Hospital said that since the implementation of the policy, the number of patients who consulted the hospital about coronary stents has increased significantly.

  The price has dropped, how is the quality?

Meng Fanju, vice president of Dunhua City Hospital, said, “The stent needs to be permanently inserted into the human body, and the quality will never be affected by the price reduction. In this regard, there are regulatory measures by the national medical insurance and other departments, so you can use it with confidence.”