While Miyazaki Prefecture continues to declare its own state of emergency, business partners of restaurants such as liquor stores have been hit hard but are not eligible for cooperation funds, so sales in Miyazaki Prefecture have decreased significantly. We have decided to provide 200,000 yen independently to the businesses of our business partners.

This was revealed by Governor Kono at a press conference on the 27th.

With the current system, while restaurants in Miyazaki Prefecture are paid a cooperation fee of 40,000 yen a day in response to a request to shorten business hours, there is no support system for customers who are also hit, which is an issue. Was there.

The targets of the new business are

▽ businesses such as liquor stores, wholesalers of foodstuffs, and hand towels that have direct transactions with restaurants that open short hours, and

▽ taxis and agency drive service businesses, with sales in January or February We will provide a flat rate of 200,000 yen on the condition that it has decreased by 50% or more compared to last year.

According to Miyazaki Prefecture, the number of target businesses is expected to reach about 7,000, and the prefecture will propose a supplementary budget including the necessary budget of about 1.5 billion yen to the extraordinary prefectural assembly.

Similar support measures are available in the country, but are currently only applicable to areas where the state of emergency has been declared.

Governor Kono said, "We heard the voice of the business operator and decided that prompt support was necessary, so we decided to take our own measures with the prefecture's financial resources. We will continue to take our own measures such as Miyazaki Prefecture for the country. We strongly urge local governments to include them in the lump-sum payment. "