China News Service, January 26. According to a report by South American Overseas Chinese News on the 25th, Chilean Congressman Claudia Meeks sent a letter to the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior, requesting a thorough investigation. "The reason for the tsunami warning information.

  According to previous reports, at about 7:36 on the 24th Beijing time, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurred near the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica with a focal depth of 9.6 kilometers.

Subsequently, Chile ordered the withdrawal of the country's scientific research base in Antarctica.

In addition, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred near the Chilean capital, Santiago, and no casualties were reported.

  Fearing that the earthquake would trigger a tsunami, the Chilean Ministry of the Interior sent a mobile phone warning message to the people across the country, urging people to evacuate from the coastal areas as soon as possible.

However, the Ministry of the Interior later stated that this message was "wrongly sent."

  Congressman Meeks believes that the Chilean Ministry of the Interior should make a detailed report on the false "mass distribution" of early warning information as soon as possible.

Meeks also requested that “the authorities should take relevant measures to avoid similar incidents in the future. This may adversely affect the credibility of Chile’s national early warning system.”

  Chilean Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado publicly expressed regret over this incident.

He said that according to preliminary judgments, the "mass distribution" of erroneous tsunami warning information was caused by technical reasons.