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Vox has denounced the Ministry of Social Rights, headed by Pablo Iglesias, before the Supreme Court for "opacity" in the distribution of direct subsidies to entities and associations of the Third Sector.

The judicial pulse has come after the Ministry has refused to provide information on 19 specific grants, on which the files had been requested through official channels.

After being ignored and having received an "unacceptable" response, as denounced by Vox in a statement, the Parliamentary Group in Congress has decided to file an appeal with the Contentious-Administrative chamber of the Supreme Court in order to force the Government to deliver the files and report on the object to which that money will go.

This battle dates back to November 3, when it was approved in a royal decree that contained a package of 26 million euros in direct subsidies for Third Sector entities.

Vox denounces that between associations such as


or the

Food Bank

, which were addressing the impact of the economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic on the front line, Iglesias "coiled" aid to associations "little or nothing related to the object of the royal decree, that it was none other than helping an overwhelmed Third Sector to alleviate the socioeconomic consequences derived from the coronavirus crisis ".

The associations

Shortly after, Vox raised through the formal channels requirements to know the reason and the destination of the money delivered to 19 associations.

Among them, the state federation of pensioners and retirees of Workers' Commissions (49,208 euros), the Fundación Secretariado Gitano (634,357 euros), the Union of retirees and pensioners of UGT (49,208 euros), the Association of free and combative women (43,211 euros) ), the Federation of Progressive Women (196,360 euros), the Association of Women Jurists Themis (64,414 euros) or the Triángulo Foundation (53,793 euros).

Already during the debate in Congress for the validation of the royal decree, Vox expressed its doubts and complaints about some of these subsidies, and reproached that it did not understand "why the Federation of Progressive Women receives more money than the Food Bank" ( 166,783 euros).

In this sense,

María Ruiz

, leader and deputy of Vox, ended up accusing Iglesias in that parliamentary debate of "using public resources for their own ends, acting in a selfish and unsupportive way with those who really need the resources of the State."

Iglesias' response

After claiming the information, on January 20 Vox received a written response from the Ministry of Social Rights.

But not what I expected.

Instead of the administrative files, the Churches department justifies that "the initiative, the criterion of opportunity and capacity of the budget execution expense corresponds to the Government of Spain."

And it ignores the Vox request: "The documentation of the administrative procedures established for the exercise of the powers of each administrative body is collected in the corresponding processing files."

For all this, Vox has denounced that the Ministry of Churches has made a "breach" of its obligation to provide information to deputies of Congress and, consequently, has raised the case to the Supreme Court, hoping that it will "order" Iglesias to provide the files.

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