A few days ago

a video from 2017 came to light

in which the singer

Vicente Fernández


touching the breast of a young

admirer who had asked him to take a picture with her.

The woman in question reacted by ensuring that at that time she had not noticed what happened because she was wearing a padded bra, but she admitted

feeling equally "violated"

after seeing how that recording ran like wildfire through the virtual sphere.

Now the Mexican musician has given the first interview to

get out of the scandal,

in which he states that initially he had placed his hand on the stomach of his admirer after putting his arm around her to pose together, but he tried to remove it quickly, thinking that she she could be offended and

inadvertently placed it on her breast

just as they photographed them together.

"I offer an apology with all my heart, but

I did not do it with intention.

If I had done it with intention, I do not do it there, I would have taken it to the stables," he said in the talk he had with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda on his own ranch, to insist that

it was an accident

and that he also does not remember exactly what happened that day.

"Harassment is that I have taken her to a stable and that I have forced her blouse down,

that is harassment, but what happened was an accident," he added.

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The father of the famous singer

Alejandro Fernández has also reacted

to the accusations against him that other women have made these days to clarify that he

will leave the matter in the hands of his lawyers

and categorically deny that he acted inappropriately with them.

"I have not seen the other two," he declared bluntly.

"They also grabbed me, hugged me and even told me to

take a picture of each other giving each other a kiss,

and I would leave myself, but with my mouth closed."

Vicente, who at times has not been able to contain his emotion, has recognized that many friends and collaborators have turned their backs on him as a result of this controversy and wanted

to apologize to his wife and children for the situation in which he has placed them.

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