The new tram lines will be called 6, 7 and 8. -

Nantes métropole

  • Public consultation on the future of the tram ended on Sunday.

  • Nearly 900 various contributions were collected in four months.

  • The route of the three future tram lines (delivery 2026) is considered too central by many contributors.

It seemed tied up, calibrated for the service needs of the new CHU on the island of Nantes.

However, it is clear that the route of the future tram lines has received multiple criticisms during the public consultation on the future of the tram, which ended on Sunday evening.

A little more than 770 individual contributions and nearly 90 notebooks of actors were submitted during the four months of the debate.

Many opinions point to the “hyper centrality” of the three future lines (lines 6, 7 and 8) positioned on the island of Nantes.

All three will leave from Rezé (Basse-île) and cross the Trois-Continents bridge.

Two will connect to the Quai de la Fosse to join the current route of line 1, while the third (line 8) will continue a little further east beyond Mangin.

"The project is not designed on a metropolitan scale"

“Wanting to strengthen a star-shaped network requiring you to pass through the center does not seem wise to me, given the already existing congestion.

Why not undertake a perimeter network?

Asks, for example, Jean-Pierre.

Sylvain considers the current project to be “nonsense” and also pleads for a “mesh network” rather than this “massive investment to double existing lines”.

"This project does not connect any new city to the tram network," Maxime criticizes.

It focuses on the mesh of the city center and does not provide a solution to the many municipalities poorly served by the network, in particular the municipalities to the south of the Loire and to the north-east.


“It's not just Nantes, Rezé and Saint-Herblain in the Nantes metropolis… 24 municipalities if I am not mistaken and only 7 which are served by the tram!

», Adds Vincent.

“Nantes should not swallow up development,” confirms Eric.

“Everything is focused on the CHU!

»Michel wonders.

"The project remains intra-urban and concerns only the people of Nantes," Laure complains.

It is absolutely not thought of on the scale of the metropolis and according to the suffering of the users who struggle to enter the center of Nantes every day.

Do the project managers take the ring road during rush hour?

Do they have to change bus / tram three times to reach their workplace?


Future lines 6 and 7 would cross the Anne-de-Bretagne bridge.

- F. Brenon / 20Minutes

The contributors also criticize misguided duplicates, in particular on the route of the current line 1. "The already very difficult quai de la Fosse traffic will become impossible", fears Elisabeth.

“Lines 6 and 7 will take the tracks of line 1, the most used line on the network.

In other words, these two new lines will not provide any solution to the overload of the network, ”worries Maxime.

Instead of the project presented, critical contributors would prefer “connections between municipalities”, “a peripheral busway line”, new lines extended to Carquefou, Bouguenais, Orvault, in the “borough of Rezé” or “in Chantenay”. "… Solutions which often seem to require the construction of an" other urban bridge "over the Loire, or a" footbridge for the tram ", or even a" cable car, as in Brest ".

"Citizen dialogue must not turn into dialogue of the deaf"

In the metropolitan opposition, we do not mince words either.

"This hypercentrality is the very example of what should not be done today," believes Laurence Garnier, leader of elected officials from the right and the center.

It is a project of the past, supported by this absurd project to set up the CHU on the island of Nantes.

The group also wrote a contribution to take part in the debate.

In particular, the Anne-de-Bretagne Bridge is pointed out, an “environmental and economic aberration”.

“We propose not to touch this bridge, not to pass these tram lines through what is already a black spot, announces Julien Bainvel.

With the 100 million euros in savings obtained, we want to extend the network between the municipalities of the metropolis ”.

The right also proposes, like others, a new crossing of the Loire between the western tip of the island of Nantes and Bas-Chantenay.

Reserved for soft mobility, this bridge allowed an extension of line 5. "The famous citizen dialogue that we are promised must not turn into dialogue of the deaf", launches Laurence Garnier, who calls on the metropolis to review its copy.

“Everything that will be expressed will be taken into consideration”, assured Nantes Métropole at the start of the consultation.

The contributions collected will be synthesized by the national commission for public debate.

It is then up to the elected representatives of Nantes Métropole to draw the consequences, obviously taking into account the financial capacities of the community.

Their decisions could be put to a vote at a metropolitan council "in spring 2021".


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