Chinese officials talk about "Chinese New Year in situ": Encourage companies to issue "remaining red envelopes" and guide companies not to lay off employees or to lay off fewer employees

  China News Agency, Beijing, January 26 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui and Xing Chong) Due to the need for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Chinese officials have issued the "New Year in situ" initiative and proposed to encourage companies to issue "retention red envelopes" and "New Year red envelopes" to guide companies No layoffs, fewer layoffs.

  Zhang Ying, director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, said in Beijing on the 26th that the proposal to "Celebrate the New Year on the spot" and reduce the large-scale movement of people is an important measure for epidemic prevention and control.

"And this also requires careful deployment and detailed guarantees so that migrant workers can stay for a good year."

  According to reports, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and others have carried out special actions and proposed the "four stays" measures.

  Send warm attention.

Guide various localities to organize various forms of "sending warmth" and collective New Year activities, and guide migrant workers to celebrate the New Year on the spot with peace of mind.

Encourage enterprises to issue "retention red envelopes" and "new year gift packages", arrange cultural and entertainment activities, etc., ensure wages, vacations and other benefits, and attract employees to take vacations on the spot.

Coordinate and strengthen the supply of services such as catering, supermarkets, medical and health, public security and fire protection, to ensure the normal production and life of enterprises and migrant workers.

Strive to let migrant workers stay in their place of employment with peace of mind through heart-warming measures.

  Strong policy retention.

Guide enterprises to arrange production reasonably, and encourage the formulation of peak holiday and rest schedules.

We will implement policies such as unemployment insurance stabilization return, vocational training subsidies, etc., and guide enterprises to avoid layoffs and reduce layoffs.

Support middle and high risk areas and key industries to carry out training based on work, and appropriately raise subsidy standards.

Through policy support, encourage enterprises to retain jobs on their posts and wages.

  Stable production and retention.

Strengthen the labor dispatch guarantee mechanism of key enterprises, and support enterprises with high demand for labor and enterprises with unsaturated production and more surplus employees to adjust the surplus shortage.

Develop a batch of temporary posts for disinfection and epidemic prevention and community service.

At the same time, places where conditions permit are also encouraged to give appropriate support to key enterprises in the production of important medical materials and daily necessities that are continuously produced during the Spring Festival.

Through stable production, migrant workers can get more employment opportunities.

  Excellent service to keep people.

Continuously carry out online and offline services, and organize special recruitment with distinctive characteristics at multiple frequencies, by industries and by positions.

Timely fulfillment of unemployment insurance benefits and temporary living allowances for qualified personnel, while encouraging localities to provide psychological counseling, temporary housing and other convenient conditions based on actual conditions.