64 of the 95 cases have a travel connection, 29 do not have a travel connection.

According to state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, it is not unlikely that the new virus variant will take over as the dominant strain in Sweden as well.

- It's not unbelievable if it takes over.

But we do not know yet, it has only happened in one country so far and that is in the UK.

There is much to suggest that it is a tribe that is good at spreading, says Anders Tegnell.

Not sure about mortality

However, the state epidemiologist is more doubtful whether it is much more deadly, as a British study has shown.

- Whether there really is such a big difference is hard to say.

It was a fairly small group you watched.

I want to wait for larger studies, says Tegnell.

Keep your distance

The same measures and restrictions, such as keeping your distance and working from home, apply to limit the spread of infection in the new variant as well, Tegnell says.

- It's not that different.

We must not forget that.

These are the same measures that work on this tribe, it is about doing more of what we are already doing.