China News Service, January 25. Which organizations can issue volunteer service record certificates to volunteers?

Can I ask the local volunteer association to issue a certificate of volunteer service record?

At the press conference held by the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the morning of the 25th, Li Bo, the first-level inspector of the Department of Charity Promotion and Social Work of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, responded to this.

  Li Bo said that the volunteer service record certificate is an important evidence to confirm the volunteers' contributions and affirm their contributions.

Who can issue this certificate for volunteers is a general concern of the public.

  Li Bo pointed out that, first of all, the "Volunteer Service Records and Certificate Issuance Measures (Trial)" stipulates that there are two main categories of subjects who can issue voluntary service record certificates: The first category is voluntary service organizations, which are established in accordance with the law to carry out voluntary services. A non-profit organization for the purpose.

The second category is charitable organizations, grassroots mass autonomous organizations, public welfare activities organizers and public service organizations.

If these legal person organizations carry out public welfare activities and recruit volunteers by themselves in accordance with the law, they need to do a good job of volunteer service records and certificate issuance in accordance with the provisions of the Measures.

  Second, insist on who organizes who records, who records who proves.

If the local volunteer association is asked to issue a certificate of volunteer service record, it depends on whether the volunteer has participated in the volunteer service activities organized by the association before.

If it is, then the association can issue a certificate of volunteer service record; if not, the association cannot issue a certificate of volunteer service record for it.

  At the meeting, a reporter asked: Volunteer service records are very important to volunteers. What are the provisions of the Measures to ensure that volunteers have true, accurate and complete volunteer service records?

  Li Bo responded that the volunteer service record is a direct reflection of volunteers' participation in volunteer service activities, and is a volunteer's loving file.

In order to ensure that the volunteer service records of volunteers are true, accurate and complete, the "Measures" provide for the following seven aspects:

  The first is to make the record of volunteer service a statutory obligation of volunteer service organizations and other organizations that carry out voluntary service activities in accordance with the law, and clearly follow the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, gratuitous and timely.

  The second is to stipulate the main content of the record, including the volunteer's basic personal information, volunteer service, training, commendation, and evaluation.

  The third is to stipulate that volunteers have the right to inquire about their volunteer service records.

Volunteers can keep track of their volunteer service records at any time, and understand whether the recorded information is true, accurate and complete.

  The fourth is to provide a mechanism for correcting errors in volunteer service records.

If volunteers find errors or omissions in their volunteer service information records, they can submit them to relevant volunteer service organizations.

Volunteer service organizations shall verify and modify in time.

  The fifth is to clarify the information collection mechanism.

Volunteer service information recorded in different forms will be aggregated in the voluntary service information system designated by the Civil Affairs Department of the State Council to form a more complete record of volunteer service information.

  Sixth, a social supervision and spot check mechanism has been established.

Any unit or individual who discovers that it does not record voluntary service information in accordance with the law can complain or report to the civil affairs department.

At the same time, the civil affairs department will focus on the authenticity and legality of voluntary service records and certifications through random inspections, and the results of the random inspections will be disclosed to the public.

  Seventh, the legal responsibilities have been clarified.

Volunteer service organizations that fail to record volunteer service information in accordance with the law shall be warned by the civil affairs department and ordered to make corrections within a time limit; if they fail to make corrections within the time limit, they shall be ordered to stop activities within a time limit.