The high corona numbers in the strongholds of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) are not a coincidence, according to the Federal Government's Eastern Commissioner, Marco Wanderwitz (CDU).

A sometimes loud, sometimes quiet rebellion against the infection protection policy hampers the bottom line of the virus defense, said Wanderwitz the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

Of course, many factors played a role in a pandemic, said Wanderwitz.

Last but not least, this includes the attitude of the people in a region to distance rules and mask requirements.

"Anyone who rejects the infection protection measures, as many AfD supporters, Reich citizens and esotericists do, will ultimately help the virus to spread."

Wanderwitz added that the phenomenon now has a dimension that goes beyond party politics.

In some regions of the former GDR, for example, there is a denial of reality, as in 2016 among the Trump voters in the USA.

Many simply push the complex and unwelcome aside, curl up - and are then no longer accessible to any argument.