China News Service, January 25. According to the Associated Press, five people, including a pregnant woman, were shot dead in a residence in Indianapolis, U.S., in the early morning of the 24th local time. The police chief of the city said this It was a targeted attack.

Data map: American police at the scene of the shooting.

  As of the evening of the 24th local time, no suspects have been detained.

  Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department official Shane Foley said that the police received the call at about 4 am to investigate a report of a shooting in the northeastern part of the city, but the first thing they found was a gunshot wound. Juvenile male.

  Welfare said that when the police were investigating the shooting of the teenager, they got the news of the shooting that had been reported before at about 4:40 in the morning. They came to a nearby residence and found that many adults had died in obvious apparently. Gunshot wound.

  According to reports, five people died, including a pregnant woman.

  Foley said the boy who was initially found with a gunshot wound is expected to survive, and police believe he was injured in the shooting that killed five other people.

  Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Commissioner Randall Taylor said that the police believe that the fatal shooting was not a random occurrence, but a targeted attack by one or more suspects.

  Taylor said this was the largest shooting casualty in the city in more than a decade, and he urged the public to contact the police and provide any information they may have about the incident.

  Taylor stated that he has contacted officials from the FBI's Indianapolis office, the local U.S. Attorney's Office and other law enforcement agencies to request their assistance in investigating the incident.