China News Service Taiyuan, January 25th (Gao Ruifeng) On the 25th, the Department of Natural Resources of Shanxi Province issued a news that according to preliminary investigations, the province’s coal mined-out areas (abandoned mines) with development and utilization value are about 2,052 square kilometers. The remaining CBM resources are about 72.6 billion cubic meters.

  Among them, Xishan, Yangquan, Wuxia, Lu'an, Jincheng, Huodong, Liliu and other 7 mining areas with high gas content, the area of ​​the mined-out area is about 870 square kilometers, and the estimated CBM resources are 30.3 billion cubic meters.

  Effective development and utilization of coal-bed methane resources in goafs (abandoned mines) is an important task for the comprehensive reform of Shanxi Energy Revolution.

In recent years, Shanxi has successively introduced relevant policies to guide various market players to participate in the reuse of surplus resources from closed coal mines.

In 2020, the Department of Natural Resources of Shanxi Province listed the country for the first time in the country for the first time to sell the coal-bed methane extraction test block from abandoned coal mines.

  Shanxi is a province with large coal resources. It is the first country in the country to list coal-bed methane resources in goafs, and carry out coal-bed methane extraction experiments in abandoned mines. It has great advantages in promoting the comprehensive utilization of coal-bed methane resources, and promoting the closure of remaining resources in coal mines and the reuse of above and underground spaces. Demonstration significance.

  Coal goaf (abandoned mine) CBM resources are relatively dispersed and resource abundance is relatively low. Some abandoned mines have incomplete historical geological data. Many goaf boundaries are interlaced with the existing coal mining rights, which makes centralized and contiguous development, Sustained and stable utilization faces many uncertainties, resulting in that this part of resources has not been effectively used.

  The relevant person in charge of the Department of Natural Resources of Shanxi Province said that in the future, the pilot project will continue to be steadily carried out, to explore and improve relevant systems and experience, and to further improve supporting policies to encourage the development of coalbed methane in coal goafs (abandoned mines), based on coal mining in different mining areas. Regarding the allocation of CBM resources in the goaf (abandoned mine), various methods have been adopted to promote the extraction test to ensure that the extraction test achieves good results.