The South Korean government has appealed last year for the WTO = World Trade Organization's request to correct the measures that impose high tariffs on Japanese stainless steel materials as violating the rules of international trade. I took the procedure.

The Korean government has added a tariff of about 15% since 2004 on Japanese stainless steel materials used for automobiles and machine tools, saying that they are sold at unreasonably low prices, but last November, WTO = A subcommittee, the first instance of the World Trade Organization, has ruled that the measure violates the rules of international trade and calls on the South Korean side to correct it.

South Korea has filed an appeal to the Appellate Body, which is the second trial, by the 26th, saying that the subcommittee's decision was seriously incorrect.

However, the WTO's Appellate Body is currently in a state of inactivity, unable to secure the required number of members, and it may take some time before a final decision is made.

South Korean news agency Yonhap News Agency reports that the Korean side's measures to add tariffs are expected to be maintained until the WTO makes a final decision.

Japanese government very regrettable

Regarding this, the Japanese government said, "In light of the objective and appropriate analysis contents of the subcommittee, which is the first instance, South Korea's decision to appeal to the currently non-functional senior committee has lifted the dispute in the air. It is very regrettable to make it a state. I strongly hope that South Korea will comply with the obligations under the WTO agreement and abolish the anti-dumping tax. "