It was revealed that the Chairman of Justice Party Kim Jong-cheol sexually molested the party's lawmaker Jang Hye-young.

The Justice Party, which lifted the position of CEO Kim, decided to proceed with the disciplinary process, and President Kim gave up the position of party leader.

This is Jeong-Hyun Jeong.

<Reporter> After

taking office in October last year, Chairman Kim Jong-cheol of the Justice Party resigned after it was revealed that he sexually harassed the first member of the party, Hye-young Jang.

Deputy Chairman Bae Bok-ju, head of the Justice Party's gender human rights headquarters, said, "On the evening of the 15th, Kim was sexually harassed after having a dinner with Rep. Jang in Yeouido."

On the 18th, Rep. Chang directly informed Vice President Bae about the sexual harassment damage, but it is known that he does not consider criminal charges.

[Bae Bok-joo/Vice President of Justice Party: A fatal wound has occurred to the members of the Party and the people who care for and love the Justice Party.

We sincerely apologize.] The

Justice Party added that it will respect the victims' wishes as much as possible and make daily recovery a top priority.

In the statement, Rep. Hye-young Jang said that the shock and pain of undermining dignity from the party representative whom he deeply trusted in his position was really great.

Representative Kim Jong-cheol was also an act without excuse, and he sincerely apologized to the victims and issued a statement saying that he would resign from the party representative.

The Justice Party will proceed with the disciplinary process regardless of CEO Kim's intention to resign.

As it is the first such thing as to shake the party's identity, it is expected that the highest level of disciplinary decision will be made, including measures to be released.