Justice Party Congressman Hye-young Jang expressed his position on the background of revealing that he was a victim of sexual harassment by CEO Kim Jong-cheol.

Rep. Jang issued a statement and said, "Because I believed that it was the way to restore human dignity and return to everyday life, for the Justice Party and for us."

He added, "The shock and pain of undermining our dignity as an equal human being from our party representative, whom we have been deeply trusting and political comrades who have shouted for eradicating gender violence together, have been tremendous."

Rep. Jang wrote, "Even if you are the party's representative, you have the belief that the Justice Party will deal with the case with a firm and tolerant attitude."

Rep. Jang said, "I am really afraid of the secondary harm that will come by disclosing the facts of the damage, but what is more fearful is losing myself." "I will be locked up in this case upside down forever."

He said, "I want to talk about the pain I've suffered, be free from this problem, and return to my daily routine of politics."

Rep. Jang wrote, "I have deeply realized something through this incident."

In addition, he explained that neither'victim' or'perpetrator' does not exist.

(Photo = Yonhap News)