The German media quoted the head of the Berlin health authority on the 24th local time as saying that the Humboldt Hospital in Berlin, which had been completely blocked due to a clustered infection of mutant strains the previous day, had “at least 20 new confirmed infections” “B.1.1. 7" Cases of the new coronavirus variant strain, and "the number of infections will continue to rise."

  On the 23rd, 14 patients and 6 staff of the Humboldt Hospital in Berlin were diagnosed with a variant of the new crown virus first discovered in the UK.

  In order to prevent the mutated virus from spreading further, the health department of the administrative district where the hospital is located immediately announced a complete lockdown: about 400 patients and 1,500 staff including doctors, nurses, administrative staff, etc. in the hospital were quarantined; the hospital suspended Reception of the patient.

At the same time, from the 25th, the Berlin Humboldt Hospital will also provide shuttle buses for commuting staff to reduce the risk of further spread of the mutant virus.

  In addition, according to the news disclosed by the German media on the 24th, another hospital in Berlin also had a confirmed case of infection with the "B.1.1.7" new crown variant strain.

It is reported that the patient was transferred from the Humboldt Hospital in Berlin and is currently in isolation.

  The mayor of Berlin Mueller expressed concern about the cluster of infections at the Humboldt Hospital in Berlin.

In an interview with the media on the 24th, he once again emphasized the need for strict blockade measures across Germany, and emphasized that it is impossible to predict how the new coronavirus variants discovered in the UK will develop in Berlin in the next three weeks. Now discuss whether Restrictions should be relaxed in mid-February as "meaningless".

(Headquarters reporter Ruan Jiawen)