On January 15, 15-year-old Yuriy was beaten up in the 15th arrondissement of the capital.

Out of the coma, he has since been hospitalized in serious condition.

Her mother, who has launched several calls for witnesses on social networks, testified about her condition on Europe 1. Here is what we know about this violent attack. 

In Paris, a 15-year-old teenager was beaten up by a group of young people and left for dead in mid-January in the 15th arrondissement.

Yuriy has since been hospitalized.

He suffers from multiple fractures to the skull, ribs and arm, but "started to wake up", as his mother confides at the microphone of Europe 1. On Saturday, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin condemned on twitter a " attack of incredible savagery ".

An investigation for attempted murder has been opened.

His family has launched multiple calls for witnesses on social networks to try to find his attackers.

What happened ? 

The entire scene of the assault was filmed by a surveillance camera.

On the video, authenticated by Yuriy's family, we see a dozen young people in jackets and hoods kicking and sticking a single person lying on the ground.

The scene is extremely violent and on the last shots, the victim on the ground no longer even protects himself.

He was assaulted after leaving college in the deemed calm neighborhood of Beaugrenelle, according to the testimony of Yuriy's mother, while he was with his friends.

It was then that they were attacked by a group of young people.

How's Yuriy?

"Yuriy started to wake up, he starts to move, we are very happy because we know that he will not be paralyzed. On the other hand what is worrying is that he tries to speak but he does not don't speak, ”Yuriy's mother explains.

"Regarding the condition of my son, I am very worried, about the abusers who hit my child, I am very angry. I do not understand how they can sleep, these people."

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Where is the investigation?

"What I want is for the Judicial Police to do their job. Yuriy was with his friends, I think some people must know something, I really invite them to go to the police to testify, they must not have scared, ”his mother asks again.

According to our information, this is indeed a clash between rival gangs.

The young people seen in the video "retaliated" following an attack which allegedly took place a few days before in another district in the south of Paris.

Was Yuriy one of them, is he involved in the rivalry between these groups?

At this stage, there is nothing to confirm it.