The 87-year-old woman had fallen and was helpless in the icy, powerless house.

The incident, which P4 Västernorrland was the first to tell about, occurred after the snowstorm that paralyzed southern Norrland last week with a power outage for several days as a result.

- I found her by the bed, she was barely communicable, says Ulf Eriksson who then tried in vain to call for help.

Power failure shuts down the phone

Power outages after snow-laden trees have collapsed over power lines are not uncommon in these areas, but since the fixed telephone network has been dismantled, the telephone goes via mobile masts that are also electrically powered and eventually stop working when the power goes out.  

- They should work for four hours in the event of a power failure but are switched off after an hour and a quarter, it is not fun, states Ulf Eriksson who finally got in touch with an ambulance after driving several kilometers from his mother's house by car.

No to mobile power plant

Teracom, which is responsible for the current mast, says that it is built according to customer requirements, while the telecom operator Telia claims that it wanted to solve the emergency situation in connection with the power outage with a mobile power plant, but that Teracom said no with reference to the existing agreement.

Now Telia will review the agreement with Teracom.

At the same time, Ulf Eriksson's mother is in hospital after the incident.

- I would have liked to stay and call on the spot, I did not know what the situation was, if she had any serious injury, he says.

Hear Ulf's story about the dramatic event in the clip above.