General news: Some countries in the Middle East have slowed down and the situation remains severe

  Xinhua News Agency, Tehran, January 23. Xinhua News Agency reporters in the Middle East region reported: As of the 23rd, a total of about 8 million confirmed cases of new crowns have been reported in the Middle East.

The epidemic situation has slowed down in some countries, but the epidemic prevention situation in some countries is still severe.

  The Iranian Ministry of Health reported on the 23rd that 6,207 new cases were confirmed, with a total of 13,67032 confirmed cases; 69 new deaths, and a total of 57,294 deaths.

According to the classification of epidemic risk from high to low, there are currently 18, 154, 276 orange, yellow and blue risk cities in Iran.

The Ministry of Health of Iraq stated that the country has once again "cleared" red-risk cities, but the recent increase in people's travel has led to the relaxation of epidemic prevention in some areas, and the trend of the epidemic is still worrying.

  According to data released by the Turkish Ministry of Health on the 23rd, there were 5,856 new cases of nucleic acid test positive in the country in one day, and a total of 2,424,328 new crown infections; 144 new deaths and 24,933 deaths.

According to a report by the Russian TASS News Agency on the 23rd, Turkey is expected to produce the Russian "Satellite V" new crown vaccine, and related technology transfer procedures have been initiated.

  The Israeli Ministry of Health reported on the 23rd that 4550 new cases were confirmed, with a total of 593578 confirmed cases; 60 new deaths, and a total of 4326 deaths.

According to the Ministry of Health on the same day, more than 2.49 million people in the country have received the new crown vaccine.

  On the 23rd, the Lebanese Ministry of Health reported 4176 new confirmed cases, a total of 276587 confirmed cases, and a total of 2270 deaths; the positive rate of nucleic acid tests in the past two weeks reached 21.4%.

The Dean of Rafik Hariri University Hospital in Lebanon, Filas Abiad, warned on the 23rd that the mutation of the new crown virus may be a cause of the increase in confirmed cases, and the situation is worrying.

To curb the spread of the epidemic, the Lebanese government currently implements a complete blockade and all-day martial law, but strict epidemic prevention measures have triggered protests in many places.

  The Moroccan Ministry of Health reported 950 new confirmed cases on the 23rd, with a total of 465,769 confirmed cases, of which 441,693 were cured and 8,128 died.

The Ministry of Health of Morocco announced on the 22nd that it will officially start the national new crown vaccination work next week, and will give priority to susceptible populations.

  The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported 449 new confirmed cases on the 23rd, with a total of 174413 confirmed cases; 14 new deaths, with a total of 1951 deaths.

The Ministry of Health of Pakistan stated on the same day that the country’s epidemic has continued to slow down. The number of new confirmed cases nationwide in a single day has fallen below 1,000 for 16 consecutive days, and the cure rate of new crown patients has risen to 93.3%.

  The Ministry of Health of Qatar reported 251 new cases on the 23rd, with a total of 148,772 confirmed cases and a total of 248 deaths.

Qatar’s Minister of Health, Kowari, told the media that the epidemic in the country has stabilized since a few weeks ago, but the public still needs to remain vigilant.

(Notewriter: Xia Chen; participating reporters: Shang Hao, Su Xiaopo, Zheng Siyuan, Wang Feng, Chen Binjie, Liu Zongya, Wang Shang, Tu Yifan, Zhang Miao, Ji Ze, Huang Ling, Wang Wei, Xiong Sihao, Yang Yuanyong, Pan Xiaojing, Ma Yichong, Li Binian, Wu Danni)