China News Service, January 24. According to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, since the Chinese Embassy in the United States announced the notification of nucleic acid and serum antibody testing for personnel in China, most of the personnel have been able to truthfully test, report truthfully and strengthen as required Self-protection.

At the same time, the consulate general in New York found in its work that there are still individuals who have not truthfully declared their personal tests, even knowing that they have tested positive, but deliberately forged test reports in an attempt to get through.

The above practices flagrantly violated relevant anti-epidemic laws and social ethics, and seriously threatened the health and safety of other personnel on the same flight.

The Consulate General in New York once again reminded those who really need to go to China to test and report truthfully, and do not make fraud.

  Those who are indeed necessary to go to China strictly follow the requirements of the embassies and consulates in the United States for testing at designated agencies, actively present valid international travel documents such as passports, and cooperate with testing agencies for identity verification and related testing; when applying for health codes, they should declare truthfully Personal recent physical health, history of testing, history of close contact with confirmed or suspected patients, and truthful upload of testing certificates, sampling certificates and photos, and air ticket itinerary and other materials.

  The consulate general will increase the intensity of verification to the designated testing agency, and as long as it discovers that there are cases of untrue testing, untrue declaration, or even fraud, it will refuse to issue or cancel the relevant health code.

The parties concerned will bear all consequences and corresponding legal responsibilities resulting from the inability to take the flight.

  It is the common responsibility of everyone to comply with the epidemic prevention regulations and prevent the spread of the epidemic. The consulate also reminds those who really need to go to China to minimize contact with the outside world, strengthen personal protection, and reduce the risk of infection after the test before the flight takes off. .